When a patient enters late-stage dementia, caregivers can struggle with the demands of the higher level of care their loved one requires. That’s why we have developed DayBreak, an innovative and comprehensive program that supports dementia patients, their families, caregivers and physicians.

Aviant Hospice team receives specialized training in how to care for patients with late-stage dementia, so they can confidently provide patients with exceptional care and the human interaction they need to help patients feel safe, comfortable and fulfilled.

Our team also includes social workers, counselors and chaplains who work with a patient’s family and friends to help them process their concerns, fears and grief.

At Aviant Hospice, we work alongside caregivers and physicians to make sure patients are comfortable and pain free and ease the care-giving burden on friends and family so they can spend quality time with their loved one.

DayBreak is designed to connect with dementia patients through soothing treatments such as music, touch and spiritual therapies.

The DayBreak program uses holistic interventions, including:

Music therapy
Specialty products designed specifically for dementia patients to aid in tactile and sensory stimulation such as a weighted blanket and stuffed bear
Spiritual and emotional counseling
Touch therapy and skin treatments
Nutritional guidance

Compassionate Patient Assessment

At Aviant Hospice, our top priority is providing patients with the high-quality care and comfort they deserve as they approach their end of life.

Dementia patients need:
Personal attention
Human companionship
Help eating and grooming
Peace and quiet
Regular evaluations of pain levels
Spiritual and emotional guidance

Friends and family need:
Help understanding dementia
Guidance in caring for their loved one
Easy-to-read reference materials
Counseling and emotional support
Advocates to help make tough decisions
Bereavement services

Caregivers and medical professionals need:
Guidance from experts who work with late-stage dementia patients
Emotional sensitivity during a challenging time
Help with day-to-day care-giving tasks