AVIANT Healthcare Announces New Denver Location

New Location Becomes the Organization’s 5th Agency in the Southwest

July 2, 2015 (Phoenix, AZ) – AVIANT Healthcare announced today that it has officially launched AVIANT Hospice within the Denver metro area. The hospice’s philosophy and fundamental core values are built upon its Gold Standards of Care, which are designed to provide the highest quality of care to patients and families, and to create effective partnerships among the healthcare facilities and providers in which the hospices work, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and assisted living communities.

“We look forward to sharing our Gold Standards of Care we those individuals and families facing life-limiting illnesses. We feel these Standards, which serve as our commitment to the patients, families, and the healthcare community in which we serve, will truly allow us to provide a more customized level of care.” said Julia Hayes, Chief Clinical Officer. “We realize that each patient is different, and so we understand that each patient’s end-of-life care should also be different. The care needs of a cancer patient can be quite different from the care needs of a dementia patient, and our care model addresses those differences in a way that we feel greatly benefits the patient, providing symptom management, comfort, and overall well-being.”

AVIANT Hospice is part of AVIANT Healthcare, a healthcare services organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Its core offering includes the operation of community-based hospices throughout the southwest. Hospice industry veteran Betty J. Brennan was recently named the organization’s chairperson of the board. Brennan is highly respected within the hospice space, having spent more than 40 years working in the industry. Brennan is best known as the founder, president and CEO of Beacon Hospice, based in Boston, Massachusetts. Over a thirteen-year period, Brennan led Beacon’s growth from a single site serving 14 end-of-life patients to 25 locations in five New England states, serving an average daily census of more than 1,400 patients.

“We are excited about the opportunity we have in Denver,” Brennan said. “I’ve been asked on more than one occasion why I have returned to the hospice space and my answer is quite simple, there is still much work to be done in terms of our ability to provide the type of care end-of-life patients truly deserve. This is a very special niche within healthcare, and as an organization, we are honored by the opportunity provide such an important support service to the community.”

For additional information on AVIANT Hospice, call 303.953.7270 or visit www.avianthospice.com.


About AVIANT Healthcare

AVIANT Healthcare is a healthcare services organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Its core offering includes the ownership and operation of community-based hospices. The organization currently operates five hospice locations throughout the southwest.