Simply Stated – We C.A.R.E.

The AVIANT Hospice philosophy is built upon a single focus passionately known as “We C.A.R.E.”. This effort has become the foundation of our organization’s culture – who we are, how we interact with patients and each other, and what we aspire to achieve as we continue to increase the number of individual and families we touch through their end-of-life journeys.

Our team members are committed to becoming the difference in our patient’s lives, the community’s collective lives, and the entire hospice industry.

We believe in the magic that is created when passion, leadership and purpose converge to create a positive environment whereby our patients and their families – are the prime beneficiaries.


CARE Core Values

Our Mission. Our Goal. Our Sole Purpose Defines Who We Are –We CARE.



to provide unconditional support and compassion to those needing our care


to be the unwavering voice of those needing to be heard


to show respect to those we care for – and to each other – as we all are deserving to feel valued and respected


to educate patients, families and the healthcare community at-large – so that we may all move forward through the end of life process – feeling strong and feeling empowered