We Are Here to Help You Cope With Your Grief.

When a AVIANT Hospice patient passes, the support for their loved ones continues on.

We understand that this can be the most difficult time for loved ones who are left behind and our team of bereavement experts and dedicated volunteers – are willing and able to lend the support our families need.

Hospice family members are supported for up to 13 months and are encouraged to take advantage of our grief counseling offerings which include one-on-one counseling, group support sessions, and our grief educational resources. Family members are also encouraged to participate in our ‘Celebration of Life’ memorial service which is hosted by AVIANT Hospice each year to celebrate the lives of those patients who have passed on.


Support Services include:

– Grief Counseling
– Peer Support Groups
– Memorial Services
– Educational Resources


Grief Counseling

Our grief counselors are professionals with expertise in the issues surrounding grief and loss. In that we understand that the grieving process is a uniquely personal experience, counseling sessions are extensively customized to meet the needs of the individual. Sessions are conducted on confidential, one-to-one basis. e-participants are given a symbolic memorial gift.


Peer Support Groups

A seven-week support group program for grieving families and loved ones, are offered on an ongoing basis. The groups are well-received by participants in that it provides a forum by which true dialogue and emotional expression can be shared with others who are in similar, relatable situations.


Celebration of Life Memorial Service

Family members are encouraged to participate in our ‘Celebration of Life’ interfaith memorial service which is hosted by AVIANT Hospice each year to celebrate the lives of those patients who have passed on. The service gathers family members and loved one who share the experience of loss, and memories of life, giving them a chance to honor their loved ones and truly celebrate their lives. Participants are encouraged to bring photos and other treasured items which serve as a reminder of their loved ones. The service provides a warm, supportive, and healing environment and our hospice loved ones often return to the celebration year after year.


Educational Resources

As educators in end-of-life issues, AVIANT Hospice is deeply committed to educating our community on topics relating to human grief. Through the collection of the top bereavement resources, strategies, and tools, we guide individuals to healing paths which may be most advantageous to meet their unique needs.

Fees are varied by program type, with most programs covered by Medicare, insurance companies, or on a private pay basis. Call for all details.

For additional information on AVIANT Hospice grief programs, please feel free to contact our offices at
480-398-2411 or email us at bereavement@avianthospice.com. For Denver 303.953.7270.