Our Five Commitments to Care.

At AVIANT Hospice, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide patients and families with the highest level of care and support. As a leading hospice provider, our entire organization is committed to and fully embraces, the AVIANT Hospice Five Commitments to Care.


Individualized Care.

We understand that each patient is unique. As such, we spend the time necessary to understand our patients’ unique needs –on an uncommonly deep level. By understanding individual patient needs, we are capable of developing highly-customized care plans and care approaches in partnership with each patient, family, and physician.


Proactive Comfort and Care.

One of our top priorities is the comfort of our patients. In order to make this priority a reality, our care model is built upon proactively managing pain symptoms for improved comfort, enhanced quality of life, and the overall dignity and well-being of the patient.


Continuity of Care.

In order to achieve the highest level of care quality, we place great emphasis on achieving an environment whereby the care continuum is achieved. By orchestrating clear and consistent communication between patients, families, physicians, medical care providers, and across our interdisciplinary team, we are able to provide the finest level of hospice care available.


Holistic Approach.

Realizing that end-of-life care encompasses more than just the body, we manage the emotional, spiritual, and social impact on our patients’ quality of life by including the services of an interdisciplinary team of skilled professionals. Counselors, non-denominational chaplains, social workers, and therapists, are all part of our care team dedicated to our patients’ well-being.


Community Education & Awareness.

We have adopted a steadfast commitment to educating and promoting the benefits of hospice care throughout the community. We share our ‘message of hospice’ with our local physicians, health care organizations, and individuals and families whenever possible.