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Sharing Our Knowledge with the Community

Recommending hospice care can be difficult. At AVIANT Hospice, we strive to share the benefits of hospice care with the local healthcare community so that physicians may feel comfortable and confident when referring patients to this level of care.  

By creating an in-depth awareness of hospice care benefits and how our organization can serve as a vital resource, we find physicians look to us to become their partner with their patient’s end-of-life care needs.


Working in concert with physicians, AVIANT Hospice augments patient care to provide:

• Additional medical, emotional and spiritual support to the patient and family 

• Expertise in pain management and symptom control, or palliative care

• Emotional and spiritual counseling

• Respite care for caregivers

• Medical equipment and supplies

• Patient and family education on end-of-life topics and what to expect

• Bereavement support


AVIANT Hospice is also a resource to physicians and other medical professionals who wish to access palliative care for patients. We can help you manage your patients by providing services at whatever level is needed. Possible scenarios include:

•  Telephone consultations on pain management/palliative care

•  Oversight of the hospice staff while you remain your patient’s attending physician, or

•  Managing your patient’s end-of-life care 


Professional Resources:

National Register: The Need and the Opportunities

Oncology Times: Hospice Patients Gain Survival Benefit

Hospice Benefits Proven for a Variety of Lengths of Stay

For additional information on exploring a partnership in care with AVIANT Hospice, please call 480.398.2411. For Denver 303.953.7270.